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The Area of Genetics belongs to the Department of Cellular Biology, Genetics and Physiology, which is integrated in the Faculty of Sciences at Málaga University (UMA). The personnel of the Area dedicates to both teaching and research activities, and is currently composed of 13 Research and Teaching Staff, 3 Lab Technicians and 18 PhD Students. There are 9 Research Groups established within the Area, under the supervision of separate research leaders, which are supported by Project grants from several funding agencies.

Information for students

The Research and Teaching Staff of the Area of Genetics impart lectures, corresponding to at least 10 different topics, to Pregraduate and Postgraduate students from the degrees of Biology and Environmental Sciences.

Additionally, a substantial number of postgraduate students are currently integrated within the several Research Groups established in the Area, where they develop research leading to their PhD Thesis. The Area also incorporates a number of undergraduate students, giving them the opportunity to have a first contact with laboratory research.

Information for visitors

The Area of Genetics is located at the second floor of the right wing (Biology) of the Faculty of Sciences. The Faculty of Sciences is located Northwest of the City at the Boulevard Louis Pasteur, within the Campus de Teatinos, one of the two main sites of the University of Málaga.

The most direct access to the Campus from downtown Málaga is through Avenida de Andalucia, which continues as Avenida de Blas infante; alternatively, you can access the Campus through Cómpeta Street. There are also several Bus lines (20, 22 and 8) connecting the City with the Campus.

By road, the Campus of Teatinos is located at the Km 1 of the Autovía del Guadalhorce (A357), which starts from the coastal Autovía del Mediterráneo (A7/E15) as it circles Málaga. The A7/E15 Highway connects Málaga from the West with the Airport (10Km), Torremolinos (17 Km), Marbella (59 Km) and Cádiz (255 Km): the exit to the Campus is directly after the Palacio de Congresos. The A7/E15 Highway connects Málaga from the East with Granada (131 Km) and Almería (206 Km): the exit to the Campus is directly after a tunnel running under Avenida Carlos Haya.

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